Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

I never seem to slow down!!! So much to do! I'm working much longer hours than I ever did as a full time engineer - good thing I love what I do! 

I have three or four quilts in progress, and a few more designs waiting to be started. I'm working on class descriptions and supply lists. Entering quilts in contests. Sorting receipts from Quilt Market. Working on book proposal. Yadah. Yadah. And yadah.... 

Oh, and I'm judging a quilt show on Thursday along with the First Lady of Alabama. Yup, she's a quilter!

So what did I decide about this quilt: plain quilting stitches or crosses? Both! You might need to click the picture to see better. Ever other row will be crosses as seen here. In between I'll add plain stitches. Loving this quilt!

Hubby and I snuck off to the lake again over the weekend - here's our ParalleloDox on in the boat - oh they love a boat ride!

Meanwhile, the blog hop is going so WELL! Lots of quilters are learning about Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts! That makes me happy happy happy!

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