Sunday, June 23, 2013

Birmingham Quilt Show!

I spent Friday and Saturday in Birmingham for the Birmingham Quilters Guild quilt show! I think it was the best BQG show ever - fabulous quilts, wonderful vendors, and lots of fun. Peggy and I were featured quilters and had our own corner in the vendor area. Peggy did a demo on Saturday of the Quick and Easy Hexie technique and we taught SO MANY people how to make hexies faster and easier. One woman told me she started drooling when she learned how! We sold LOTS of books to those eager to go home and start a hexie project.

One of my favorite quilts is the show was Peggy's Hexie Mania, featured in our book. How I love this quilt!

Her workmanship is amazing and this quilt absolutely shouts color! I need to make one of these...

Here's another beauty, made by my friend, Tammie Black.

I stayed with my in-laws Friday night - it was nice to catch up with them. I'll share more quilts tomorrow.

Now for your Cooper pleasure:
My Birmingham friends all wanted to know what the doxies think of the new pup. Prince has made it clear that he is the Alpha Dog and does his best to ignore Cooper. Mickey is having fun playing with Cooper as seen below. I love the snarls on their faces.

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Beth said...

Beautiful quilts and adorable dogs