Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Challenge quilts!

Today I'm sharing two of my favorite quilts from the guild challenge - I would love to hang either of these in my home.

First the red chair.  How can you not love this red chair?!!!  It's called "When Happiness Walks in, Offer her a Chair."  It was made by Gerda O'leary.  I do love the folk art quality, the simplicity, and the color choices.  The quilt just drew me in, and I adore it!
And here's "Happiness is Cultural Celebration" by Art Abbs.  He's the husband of Ruth Ann, the maker of the button quilt.  What a talented couple!
Here's a close-up.  I adore these ethnic fabric, and his skillful piecing of those squares from striped fabrics.
Still more challenge quilts to come!

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