Saturday, May 8, 2010

Greenville Tour

Things have been hopping around here the past week.  Both hubby and my mother had some fairly major dental work, plus hubby has been very sick with the upper respiratory crud.  Plus, last weekend hubby and I traveled to Greenville, SC to move Daughter 2 home from college.  It was like a mini-vacation for us (except for all the packing and loading).

Our hotel is right beside the river in the middle of downtown.  Greenville has done a fabulous job of revitalizing this area.  There is a gorgeous park with suspension bridges, walking paths, and glorious plants.

We saw lots of ducks and geese.
This pavilion is directly across the river from our hotel.  There is an outdoor stage to the left (see that roof on the far left?) and every time we are there, there is a concert there at night.  This time it was a Christian group.
Hubby and I took a long walk around downtown - I love this sign.  I wish I had some 5 cent Brain Tonic!
We visited a gallery selling local art, coming home with three unique pieces.  I'll share them later this week.  This chair was in the window of the gallery; I think I'm in love with it!
As far as quilting news, I finally finished going around in circles!!!  Yay!!!  Today I sewed on the embellishments and the sleeve, and came up with a name for it.  This piece is for our Guild's challenge and is due Monday.  I think I've mentioned it before:   the theme is "Happiness is...", and you must include some red in the quilt, and two flying geese patterns.  The person in charge stated when she explained the challenge that it could be "your own interpretation of flying geese."  Let's just say that my flying geese will probably be different from most others.  

I'll show my quilt here early in the week, after the challenge.  I can't wait to see the other quilts - I believe around 50 quilts are expected.  I'll take lots of pictures to show later in the week.


Alathia said...

Oh, my goodness! I love the chair, too, it would be lovely in my studio.

Carrie said...

Looking at your pictures of Greenville remind me of home! I can't believe that I missed this post the day it came out. We'll be visiting there by the end of May :)