Monday, May 24, 2010


Here's the piece of art hubby and I bought recently in Greenville, SC.  This is so different from any art we own.  I can't say why we were both so drawn to it, but we were.  I love the simplicity, the colors, just everything about it.  The artist is Cham.
We also bought this fun little guy.  You know I have an obsession with bottle caps.  And he has jar lids, too!  I think he's so cool!
And here's a shot of Mickey helping hubby do a crossword puzzle.  Have I mentioned lately how much Mickey loves hubby?

I've been very crafty this week.  I started a new quilt.  I started a new crocheted afghan - those darn hexies got the best of me - too many loose threads to work in!  And I started the first rug today - the one with the Roc-Lon Multi Purpose Cloth.  Can't wait to show pics of all this fun stuff.

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love the bottle cap guy.