Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Quilt Guild Photos

Here are more pictures from show and tell from our guild meeting yesterday.  There were SO MANY beautiful quilts!

I was standing behind Gwen C at one point in the morning and took a picture of the back of her vest.  She bought a thrift store vest and added these cute appliques using her stash of vintage wool and rick rack.  Very cute!
I forgot to add a link yesterday to my new friend, Carrie's, blog - you can find her here.

Emily's fiance, Tommy, arrived this morning.  I love having young people here!  They made Chex snack mix this morning.  This afternoon we picked up my mother and had a nice Target shopping trip.  We bought some silver Christmas ornaments we'll use in centerpieces at the wedding reception.  The ornaments came in huge plastic cylinders - 40 ornaments per package.  We bought four of these.  On the way home, I went over a bump and one of the packages came open.  For the rest of the ride home we could hear the ornaments rolling around in the back of my car.  Luckily the ornaments are plastic so none broke.

We got tons of wedding planning done last night.  We finished our invitation list.  It had seemed like it would be a huge task, but with Hubby, Emily, and I working on it together, we were done in no time.  Maybe I'll sew tomorrow?

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