Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm Soooo Dirty!

I'll tell you why I think I'm dirty....
Is there anyone out there who hasn't played Dirty Santa?  Everyone brings a wrapped gift. Everyone draws numbers, one through whatever.  The first person picks a gift, unwraps it, oohs and ahhs galore.  The second person can pick a gift or be dirty and steal the first person's gift. The game goes on until everyone has a gift.

So at my bee luncheon last week, we played Dirty Santa.  Each of us brought one yard of fabric which we'd gift wrapped.  Out of 11, I drew the number nine.  Yes, I know!  I was almost last, lucky me!  So I got to see 8 unwrapped pieces of fabric and pick from them or choose a surprise package.

So we went along playing, and NO ONE was stealing!  One person started to steal, but the person with the fabric said she didn't want her to take her fabric, so she didn't.  Let me tell you, this is a SWEET group.

But I'm not so sweet.  Not when playing Dirty Santa, anyway.  So when my turn came, I STOLE! I know, pretty dirty don't you think?  But I really wanted this gorgeous fabric!  Don't you love it!  It reminds me of push pins stuck into a black board, as in this artist with whom I'm currently obsessed.  Go on and check him out and I'll wait for you.  Be sure to enlarge the photos of his work to see what they're made from....

Isn't that amazing?!  I thought you'd like it.  So now maybe you can see why I'm such a dirty person.  I was the ONLY one who was dirty when we played last week.  Oh well.

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Lisa A said...

You and I should have just exchanged packages at the beginning and been done with it since we got each other's yardage!