Monday, December 21, 2009

Doggy Christmas

Santa came a bit early for the dogs around here.  He left a version of himself in the dogs' Happy Howlidays stocking.
Have I mentioned that dachshunds have no patience?  They absolutely couldn't wait.  So they've been very happily enjoying Santa for a few days now.  Unfortunately, Santa has lost one leg in the process of their camaraderie with him.

Elizabeth's foot surgery went well this morning, though she's in some pain and on crutches.  One thing I've learned about surgery (of any kind!) is to take the doctor's explanations of the recovery progress and throw them out the window.  If they say the surgery will be a breeze, you can walk on your foot immediately, you won't need crutches, don't believe them!  

She's on some pretty strong pain meds.  We just put her to bed and hope she'll sleep a LONG TIME!  Hopefully tomorrow the pain will be reduced.  

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Lisa A said...

If these surgeons had to have the same surgeries they perform on their patients, they'd tell a different story, wouldn't they?