Monday, December 14, 2009

Mickey Monday

Okay, so this is not the Mickey quilt.  This is the real Mickey.  Have you figured out why yet?  I haven't had time to sew at all this past week!  I've been busy with Christmas shopping, wrapping, house cleaning - all those pre-Christmas things.  Daughter 1 came home from Auburn for the holidays yesterday.  Her fiance will be here tomorrow.  Daughter 2 will be here the next day.  And her boyfriend will arrive during the weekend.  I know I'll get back to that quilt soon, though.
Today was our Christmas guild meeting, and I want to introduce you to my new friend, Carrie.  We met through my blog, and met in person for the first time today.  She came with me to the meeting.  I'll have lots more photos from the meeting tomorrow, I promise!  I need to stop writing now, because I'm supposed to be working on the wedding invitation list with hubby and Daughter 1.  Be back soon with more...

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Carrie said...

Yay! I had so much fun with you :) I can't wait to update my blog as well. Hope the wedding lists and Christmas shopping goes quickly and painlessly!