Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Wavy Quilt and a Happy Quilt

So here's the wavy quilt.  This is one I finished for someone - her aunt died before completing it.  It was already partially machine quilted, and I could tell it would be wavy no matter what I did to it, short of unsewing all the quilting, taking the quilt apart, and redoing tons of the work. I knew the recipient wouldn't want, nor expect, me to do that.  So I simply finished the quilting and added binding.  And I'm sure she'll treasure her aunt's quilt.  Better finished and wavy, then never finished.

And now for the happy quilt!  I'm currently quilting this wonderful quilt for a friend - it's from the book, Freddy's House, by Freddy Moran.  I smile just looking at the fun fabrics and happy houses!

Tomorrow will be a fun post - I'm working on a special doggy portrait.  I'll show photos of my progress - it's always fun to see a portrait progress.

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Annie said...

I made a quilt top and I can tell it is going to be wavy when I quilt it, too. I don't know what I did wrong or how to fix it...:(