Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dark Thirty

My hubby's hobby is playing golf.  In pretty weather (which has been rare around here lately), he likes to stop at the driving range on his way home from work and hit a bucket of balls.  He'll hit balls until the sun goes down, then change shoes, pack up the clubs and head home.  He always tells me he'll be home for supper at "dark thirty," thirty minutes after it turns dark.  

One day last week he was even later than dark thirty.  He explained saying he challenged himself in putting.  He set out three balls, and wouldn't allow himself to leave until he'd hit two out of three.  He did it again and again, without success.  He finally did it, and allowed himself to come home.

I've been challenging myself the same way lately with my quilting.  Today I put the four patches (from Monday) together with the star points (from Tuesday) to make the primary blocks for this current quilt.  I wouldn't allow myself to come downstairs from my studio until I'd assembled, pressed, and trimmed the 18 blocks needed.  Okay, so I did take a lunch break - a girl's gotta eat!

Here's one of the blocks.  I impressed myself with the piecing.  I guess it all boils down to taking my time, measuring often, and paying attention to how scant the quarter inch seam should be.
Yes, I did finish all 18 blocks.  The breakfast dishes didn't get done until supper time, but that's okay with me.  Tomorrow I'll make the snowball blocks that go in between.

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Alathia said...

Oooh! I like that block, a lot. The four patches look as if they're coming at you.