Friday, October 2, 2009

A Reptile Dysfunction

Fighting fire with fire!

That's what we're doing at the Wood household these days.  We had a new "pet" delivered today.  And yes, I'm eating my words.  Last week I said, "I don't care if I ever see another snake."  And what did we do?  We brought in a snake!

Meet Rex.

Rex is a King Snake.  King Snakes are non-venomous snakes who eat venomous snakes.  So we are hoping Rex will make a meal out of our Copperhead Snake(s).  I really hope Rex is hungry!!!

The guy holding Rex is a local member of a reptile relocation group, who is also a vet tech at our vet clinic.  He offered to bring Rex over and let him go in our backyard to hopefully eliminate our problems.  After a bit of hesitation, hubby and I agreed.  A bit creepy, I know, but we're hoping it will work.

Here's Rex, slithering toward the bushes where bad snakes hide.  Eat and enjoy, Rex!
And now, back to our regularly scheduled quilting blog!  Our bee's block challenge is now done and here are my completed LOVE blocks, made by my friends.  Don't you just LOVE them?
I'm thinking of sashing them with black for a LOVE-ly wall hanging.  What do you think? 


lesthook said...

It works! We had a king (or black) snake that kept away the bad ones for a long time. When something happened to him we had a bad copperhead and pine rattler problem!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Love the blocks. Rex is, well, ok I guess. It will be worth having to harbor a snake if he can get rid of those copperheads.

Annie said...

I love the Love blocks. I think they're prettier without black sashing. Wouldn't it make a nice bed quilt if you kept going? so romantic. :)