Monday, October 12, 2009

4-Patch Fun

Today I went to our October guild meeting.  I'm always inspired by the beautiful show and tell quilts!  And it's so nice to connect with friends with a like interest.

One of my guild buddies told me this morning that I was slacking up on my blog (you know who your are!).  And, as I told you, you're absolutely right!  I used to post almost every weekday.  Lately I've been lucky to post a couple of times per week.

One of the reasons I've had fewer posts lately is because I've been working for weeks on these three t-shirts quilts.  Though I did show one of them, the most special of the three will be a holiday gift for someone.  I don't want to show it on the blog to make sure the recipient doesn't get a glimpse.  Trust me, it's very unique, and if he/she were to see it, they'd know immediately that it is meant for them.

I do try to keep this blog to the subject of quilting as much as possible, with brief interludes for snake bites and engagements.  The good news is that I'm working on a new quilt, and I can share my progress here!

Here's what I have so far - lots of four patches.  This is a quilt for a client, a very special quilt to memorialize her dog.  The plaid fabric comes from the dog's bed.  The client helped me design the quilt with lots of meaning, which I'll explain along the way.  The chocolate brown in the four patches is representative of the dog's fur - a beautiful chocolate lab.  I've completed 40 of the 72 four patches needed.
The seam allowances here are very bulky due to the bedding fabric.  I've found it very helpful to use my clapper (after a hefty dose of steam).  I just press the clapper down across the seam as soon as I remove the iron, holding it in place for about 10 seconds.  Voila, a flat four patch!

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