Monday, October 19, 2009

I'd Love to Wrap this around myself!

My friend Tammie made this quilt top from Bali Pops.  It makes me DROOL!  The pattern is not complicated, but the fabric choices make it sing.

This will be a week for finishing quilts.  I have the Tennessee Waltz quilt (the one I worked on last week) ready to machine quilt.  I also have two other quilts dropped off by clients for machine quilting.  I'll post pictures as I complete them.

Then there another project I'm looking forward to starting - a sweet doggy portrait.  Can't wait!

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Carrie said...

Oh my that is a lovely quilt! Bali Pops, I'll have to remember that one :) I love reading through your blog and I love looking at your quilting progress - keeps me motivated!