Friday, November 15, 2013

My Week in Review

This is my 1000th post - wow! Can you believe I still have something to write about?

Last weekend we traveled to Knoxville to go to a football game with friends - nothing like good friends and football!

Look who we met at our hotel:  Richard Simmons (with blue hair)! Here I am with RS and my friend, Donna. This was at breakfast and his hair was a bit flat on top.

And here he is later getting into his rental car - hair is now looking more like the RS we're used to seeing. He was an absolute delight. One of his travel companions was the woman who has been making his bedazzled tank tops for 30 years.

Hubby and I took the scenic route back to Alabama through the Smokey Mountains. Fall beauty!

The mountains really do look "smokey."

I then spent 3 days Birmingham taking a class from Sue Spargo. Her work is absolutely amazing! Oh, the things she does with wool, a bit of velvet, and a needle and thread!

I've done a few leaves on my sampler and I'll share the completed ones soon, but for now just drool over Sue's class samples....

I got home Wednesday afternoon. Thursday I went to Walmart and bought a tackle box to organize all my bits and bobbles of embellishments and threads. I adore this box of color and texture!

And now I'm settled in for the holidays - no more travel until after the first of the year. I will try to finish my guild mystery quilt (due next week!), do a bit of appliqué (Lollypop Trees), embellish a few leaves (Sue Spargo class project), prepare for a big Thanksgiving at our house, and of course, make some HEXIES!

Check out The Hexie Blog to see Sue Spargo with the hexie Peggy and I taught her to make!

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