Monday, November 4, 2013

Back from Houston!

Houston Quilt Market was FABULOUS! Peggy and I had a blast! She was a trooper, having just had knee replacement surgery 2 1/2 months prior. I know she was in pain sometimes, but she stayed on her feet the entire time, managing quite well. Here was the view out our hotel room - the massive convention center.

And here's a shot of part of the convention floor from above. So much color! So many gorgeous quilts! So many new products and fabrics!

I filled my lapel with the hexie pins I'd ordered. I kept more in my bag and handed them out all around the market. Our Schoolhouse event was crowded- standing room only! Everyone got a little kit and learned then and there how to make a hexie from a circle. What fun!

I met so many wonderful quilters. Here I am in Valorie Wells' booth - she is so sweet!

I'll be sharing more photos of Houston, but I have to share this with you now. This is a book's worth of quilts, all bagged up and ready to ship to Paducah with my FINISHED manuscript. I'll be shipping it TOMORROW! YAY! I'm really proud of these quilts and can't wait to share them with you. This represents a year of work for me. I hand quilted many of them and dearly love them all.

The only problem...what will I work on tonight? I'm sure I can find something!


Dee said...

So glad you had fun at Market - and congrats on the shipment of quilts. No wonder you've been quiet - you've been a busy lady! Put your feet up, Girl! You've earned a break!

Melinda said...

How exciting. I can't wait to see the new quilts. Love the buttons - they would be perfect for my hexie club. Are they available to purchase?