Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back at the Sewing Machine

I was itching to sew yesterday so I got out my mystery quilt pieces. I thought I was more behind on this that I actually was. I only had to make four blocks! Then I put the blocks on the design wall and the mystery was revealed...  Love it!!! I still have to sew all these blocks together and then there is a pieced border to sew. These colors will work perfectly in our great room.

Last night hubby took me out for a celebratory Mexican dinner - he knows how much work went into getting this book finished!

And here's a Cooper update. He's really becoming a wonderful dog. He's calming down a bit. We took him to the lake Saturday. We forgot to take a leash, but no worries. He ran, and played, and swam, and never ran away. The lake is his favorite place to be.

I'm still getting used to NOT having a book to work on. Today I may even begin the task of organizing my closet. Hard to believe, I know! It's nice to have time to do all these things I've been putting off for so long...

Have a great day!

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