Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Working Wednesday

Welcome to all my new readers! I love your comments! I haven't had a chance to reply to many of you yet, but I promise I will. Sewing madness going on here.

Late night last night. I stayed up past midnight sewing! Then up and at it again this morning. The good news: I finished another quilt top for the book! Happy dance! Tonight I'll work on another book project that is well underway, but I'm going to bed at a more reasonable time.

I forgot to mention here that last month I happened to be in Auburn on the night that the Cotton Boll Quilt Guild meets, so I visited. It took all of two minutes to get there - very different from Birmingham! The members were welcoming and I'm sure that I'll feel at home there after a matter of months. BUT, I'm going to maintain my membership to the Birmingham Quilt Guild and hope to drive back to an occasional meeting.

Below is a show and tell quilt from the Cotton Boll Quilt Guild - pretty isn't it?

And for my own show and tell, below is the fireplace in our new Auburn home. It's a two sided fireplace - the backside faces the back patio.
And here is the reclaimed lumber that is going to be the hardwood floors. I think it came from an old corn mill. They started laying these floor boards this week.
Don't forget, you can leave a comment on my blog any day this week (until noon on Friday) for a chance to win 4 1-yard cuts of fabric or a lovely pile of scrappy diamonds. Also check out the giveaways at Pipkin House and Blackberry Creek Home Arts.


PGR said...

Judy -- I thought I entered the giveaway earlier but I think my entry went in under Lisa's name --- she was still logged in from the program on Monday. I did sign my name but if you need an "official" comment from me, here it is. A friend at church lost everything to fire and we are helping her rebuild her stash. I would love to give her this yardage.

Gerda O'Leary said...

I'm in it for the giveaway.
Nice program monday. Gerda

robin said...

I love the idea of using reclaimed wood. We have 2 huge beams supporting our front steps entry roof that are from an old elevator. I love them!

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

That basket quilt is gorgeous. I made one just like it several years ago, only in blues and yellows. It hangs behind my bed now. I really don't like that we're losing you, but I'm so glad you've found another group of quilting buddies.

quilt happy said...

that wood will make amazing floors