Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Doggy Fabric Details

I should have given this info yesterday, but better late than never. For those of you who want to find some of these cute pooches for yourself, it's by Timeless Treasures.
Hopefully a view of the selvage will help in your search!

I had another productive day. It's Spring Break for our schools, so showings of our house have come to a halt. That's okay by me since I've been able to hunker down and concentrate on sewing.
The quilt I'm working on is almost done - yay! I hope to finish it tomorrow. I thought it would take MUCH longer.

A little birdie told me that our Auburn home is getting sod tomorrow. Most of the other plants and trees are already in place. The kitchen cabinets are in place, along with the bathroom cabinets. Some of the rooms have been painted. I like that I only see it every few weeks; it makes for big surprises.

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DaisyChain said...

Thanks for fabric details. Am now busy looking for a FQ in the UK!