Friday, March 23, 2012

TWO More Finishes!

I didn't take this photo today - it's from another year. It's too rainy to take a good one now. But this is one thing I will miss about this house - the abundance of Dogwood trees in our yard. We also have Redbuds and Azaleas in bloom now, with hydrangeas to follow soon. I have heard that our new house has wonderful landscaping though. I know they have planted a Japanese Maple tree, a Weeping Willow tree (childhood memories with that one), Crepe Myrtles, and lots more.

Last night I finished a table runner for the new book. Yay! Then early this morning I finished a quilt. Yay! Yay! I still have one intricate project (a wallhanging art quilt) to finish, but now I can focus totally on it. My goal it to have another finish by the end of next week.

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