Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tornado Damage at Lake Martin

Here are some photos I took from the boat while we were at the lake. I urge you to click on each photo to see up close and personal.
I see a toaster in the remains of this house.
And a truck was tossed like it was a toy. We were told to be careful while boating because of all the debris under the water: cars, appliances, and who knows what.
Here's a mattress skewered on a tree.
And check out the blue recliner left sitting in the devastation.

I knew there was damage around the lake, and I knew some people here were killed. But until I saw it for myself, I had no idea how widespread the destruction here was. For those not familiar with this area, it's about 85 miles south of Birmingham, one of many areas in Alabama devastated by the tornado damage of April 27.


Lisa A said...

Do we know how Donna Leigh's place fared at Lake Martin?

Kari From Arkansas said...

Thank you so much for sharing these sad photos. My dad and husband are working around Lake Martin and I was wanting to see what they were up against. My prayers and thoughts are with all these who have suffered. Kari from Mena, Arkansas

Meg said...

Hi Julia..... I stumbled on your pictures through a google search.... some of them were of debris from my family's lake home. My husband, myself, our pets, and another couple were inside the home when it hit us directly. The truck you posted.... that was my husband's. I was just curious, were these the only pictures you have? And the pictures of the debris up close, where you pointed out the toaster.... where on the lake was that taken? If you could contact me, that would be awesome.