Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Lollypop Tree Block

A few days late, I finished the April block. Still need to finish the April Christmas block. And Sue Spargo - so behind! Can you tell which one is my favorite to work on? Obviously the Lollypop Trees! Can't get enough of them!
I'm also making progress on the Tornado Quilt. My goal is to have it finished by Monday, if not before.

My quilt guild donated all our cuddle quilts (46!) to Children's Hospital here in Birmingham this week to be given to children injured in the tornadoes. They need many more just to cover these hospitalized kids. So I've decided that's where the first of my quilts should go. Monday I will plan to deliver my own three quilts, and that's where I'll initially send the quilts being sent to me by you. I'm expecting a delivery of a few quilts from North Alabama and several from Massachusetts - thanks so much! I'll post pictures of all these quilts as I receive them. Aren't quilters wonderful people?!

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