Sunday, October 24, 2010

To start with, we finally found out that Daughter 2 made it safely out of Paris! Today she should be arriving back at her homebase in Italy. I'm counting down the weeks until she's back her with us!

Do you remember this quilt? I made it over a year ago when I was stash busting. I want to write instructions for the longarm machine for quilting individual designs, as opposed to an all over continuous line pattern. I think this quilt will be perfect to use for this. I loaded it on Thursday, planning to quilt it on Friday, but I woke up that day feeling a bit sick. I think I caught the cold that hubby battled earlier in the week. So the quilt is still on the frame, patiently waiting for me. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get back at it.
As our remodel progresses, I've been doing some sorting and purging. I threw out TONS of old spices. It's so nice to get rid of old stuff! You can get a peak of my new countertops here.
Yesterday, hubby, Daughter 1 and I spent the day watching college football (and Daughter 2 embossed programs for the wedding). The dogs were relaxing, peering out the front door. All of a sudden they started barking. When I checked on them, I saw what they were barking at - two baby deer in our front yard!

I yelled to hubby and Daugher 1 that we had deer in the yard. Hubby said later he thought I was going crazy. But they saw I was not (okay, sometimes I'm a bit crazy, but not then).

We do NOT live in a rural area. This was absolutely an amazing site. And if babies are around, Mom and Dad must be close by, too....

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Chris said...

I had a similar experience on a nearby golf course. Its surrounded by suburpia, with homes more than 50 years old. So I was amazed to learn that some deer still live in the mini woods behind the driving range. Cool, huh?