Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Excuse for Not Cooking...

Actually, I have two excuses. Above is Number 1. We installed the new cable on the longarm machine Saturday, and TA DAH - it worked! YAY! TRIPLE YAY! So yesterday, I went to the shop bright and early, with my Flutterby quilt top in hand. I put the zipper leaders on the quilt top and backing Sunday afternoon, so it was easy peasy to load the quilt onto the frame.

Then I went to work quilting. As I performed each step, I took careful notes and photographs, preparing myself to write instructions so that beginners will be able to use the machine easily.

Just as was getting into my groove, a beginner's sewing class convened only feet away from the longarm. The machine is not super noisy, but I know it had to be distracting to them. So I gave up the ship and called it a day. This morning I'm heading back there to finish the quilt (no classes there today).
And here's my other excuse for not cooking....

Yesterday, the wonderful workmen tore out my backsplash, my kitchen sink, and disconnected my cooktop. Of course, then the contractor found out my new countertops were not ready yet! They will be here Wednesday, so we'll be eating out for a couple of days. I wasn't in the mood to cook this week anyway!

I have been assured that the master bath will be finished by the end of the week. We can't wait. Our clothes are scattered everywhere. I'm not sure what I've been wearing for the last month, because this morning I could only find a couple of shirt options. Where are my clothes disappearing?!

In other news, Daugher 2 called yesterday morning from Paris, where she and her friends were stuck. She's on fall break from her Italian study abroad program and a small group is traveling to Paris, then Berlin, and then on to Vienna before returning to Italy. Of course this coincides with the terrorist threats over there and now the transportation strikes in France. There are riots and demonstrations and burning cars all over Paris. Their flight out yesterday was cancelled. Here's hoping and praying they get out today.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

You're going to have your flutterby quilt finished before me. Yours is very pretty.

Sue said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed your daughter's flight isn't cancelled again. I'm sure she will be safe, especially as she is with a group of people...they will all be supporting each other. Your quilt is looking lovely! As for the kitchen....I hope you are eating out somewhere very nice!