Friday, October 15, 2010

Dancing Owlies

I've been eyeing this cute fabric for a few weeks now. It's been at Thimbles, where I've been working on the longarm machine. I saw it in the back of the store, soon after it was delivered. It sat on the table back there for a few days. Then it was put out for sale in the front of the store. I've been visiting the bolt every time I go in. Then, finally, last week I did it - I bought a half yard. Couldn't resist any longer!
Here's the selvage in case you want to find some of your own.
And here's what I did with it! Ring around the owlie! Plus there's plenty left over!


Ellen said...

How cute! I've been eyeing that fabric too. It's on my wish list! Love the fussy hexagons.

Just Jenn said...

That's adorable! Love the ring around the owlie. ^^

Kathy said...

Hi Julia, I hope you'll be able to accept an award for Versatile Blogging. It's waiting for you at my cottagegardenquilter blog.