Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Finished Quilt!

I finished the t-shirt quilt - it's been in progress for a few months - a gift for a family friend. Hope he likes it! If you remember, the blue fabric is a cotton I bought because it reminds me of a men's tie. The sashing fabric is from actual men's shirts.
Yes, I quilted it on the longarm machine I've been learning to use. It was a bit of a challenge to quilt - I don't think I had the correct needle in the machine for the t-shirt fabric. The machine complained constantly. But we finally came to some sort of compromise and got through it!
Daughter 2 has many of these same shirts, so it really brought back memories! Speaking of Daughter 2, she is still in Italy, studying abroad. Later this month she'll embark on a 10 day trip to Rome, Venice, Paris, and I think somewhere else, all amidst these terror alerts we keep hearing about on the news. I try not to worry about it, as I know she'll be as careful as she can.

The dust around here continues, and continues, and continues! The countertop guy is here now making templates for the kitchen and the two main bathrooms. The painters are painting the master bath - a sure sign that room is almost done, though it still needs a bit more tile (they ran out), grout, and a countertop with sinks. Oh, and a toilet would be nice, too. We currently have two toilets sitting in our master bedroom. We're still sleeping in another room, with our clothes scattered in mulitple places. This morning I put my undies on in one room, moved to another room for my jeans, and in yet another room I found a t-shirt.

And if all that weren't enough, dear little Prince (the doxie) has an injury. The vet thinks he's torn his ACL on his back left knee. He's resting comfortably amongst the dust and clutter while we keep an eye on him.

I don't mean to be all complaints! Life is good! And....I'm being featured on the Selvage blog in a couple of days - YAY!!!

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