Friday, August 13, 2010

Shirts and Ties

I spent the entire day in my studio yesterday! It's about time!It was SO good to get some quality sewing time in. I finished the blocks for this t-shirt quilt I'm making for a good friend of the family as a gift.
The fabric around the blocks remind me of a men's tie. (The recipient is a young man.)
For the sashing, I'll be using men's shirting. I cut these strips from thrift store shirts.
As I sew a piece of shirt to a block, I'm trimming the excess as I go...
and sewing them together end to end. This will be my border.

Today should be a bit quieter around here - hopefully no jack hammers or flying tiles or dust. I believe the plan for today is to lay new tile on the floor.


maria said...

I love the look of this t-shirt quilt and also the idea of using old shirt for fabric.


Rhonda said...

T-shirt quilts are so much fun because of all the memories that go into them.

maria said...

I was just wondering "Do you pay a lot for your "finds" on men shirts?