Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Built a Closet!

And I didn't use two by fours or sheetrock. Not even a hammer! I do love my studio - it's the finished attic of our home. BUT...I'm always whining because it has no closet to hide all my quilty goodies. Everything crafty that I own is exposed, so the room ALWAYS looks cluttered.

Hubby has offered to have a closet built at one end, but it has always seemed like an unnecessary expense. I mean, I 'd rather spend the money on fabric, or something important like that!

I had a light bulb moment earlier this week. If I could rearrange a bit, I could place two large industrial shelving units a few feet away from the back wall. Then I could place my fabric drawer units again the other side of the shelves.

Above you can see inside the "closet." I need to organize it, but I love the way all this storage is hidden.
Here is the other side of the "closet," with my fabric bins pushed up against the shelves. The backside of the shelving units are draped with fabric shower curtains, creating a faux wall to hide the shelves.

Why has it taken me SO LONG to come up with this arrangement?!! I have a degree in Industrial Engineering- we're supposed to be efficiency experts, space planning experts! I guess since I spend so much time in the room, I'm too close to the situation. I think being away from my studio for a couple of weeks while we worked on the rest of the house must have given me new insight. Maybe taking a break once in a while is a good thing.
Once my "closet" was built, I sat down to sew, at long last. Since our quilting bee is tomorrow (at my house), I caught up on the bee challenge - the calculator tape project. I completed a strip for Jan, who requested greens with a touch of brown, and a strip for Norma Gene, who requested pinks.

I've also been cooking a bit - tomorrow's bee menu is finger sandwiches (homemade pimento cheese with toasted pecans, egg salad, and cucumber/cream cheese). Plus we'll have a fresh fruit salad and lowfat chips. To finish it off, I made Creamy Lime Squares. It's too hot around here to have hot food. We've had several days in a row of 100 degree temperature. The heat index has been around 108!

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Stacy (S.E.W.Butterfly) said...

Like the 'closet' idea! Food menu sounds yummy!