Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Go Round in Circles

I had a sweet e-mail from a friend asking a few questions about the hand quilting I'm doing on the quilt I showed yesterday.  I thought some of you might also be interested in the answers.  Above is the backside of the quilt, by the way.

Why did I decide to use Perle Cotton?  
In the past, I've used three strands of embroidery floss for this type of "funky" quilting.  I wanted to try a different medium this time.  No real reason!

What weight of Perle Cotton am I using?
Hmmm.  Good question.  I'm not sure.  I just bought what Joann's had!  Even after looking at the label, I'm not sure.  I bought several skeins, all different colors, some variegated.

What kind of needle do you use?
I'm using Chenille needles.  They are long, sturdy, and sharp, and they have a big eye.

It's kind of ironic that I work on this during the Olympics - now that I think about it, the circles remind me of the Olympic rings.  I didn't think of the correlation until a little while ago.

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Stacy (S.E.W.Butterfly) said...

WOW! Thanks for the inspiration!