Monday, January 25, 2010

Quilting Like Crazy

Here's what's under my HQ 16 at the moment.  I made this top about two years ago, so it's about time I finished it.  Our main den quilts (the ones we snuggle under every night while watching TV with dogs in our laps) are absolutely threadbare, with holes.  Holes big enough for a dachshund to stick his entire head through.  Not a good thing.  So this quilt will be a nice lap sized replacement.

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but I'm quilting large loopy flowers to fit in each diamond.  The pattern:  my own.  I do love this top and can't wait to finish it.  The plan is to finish the quilting today and maybe even do the machine part of the binding later tonight.

My REALLY big project for the last week has been painting.  It seemed like a small project at the time, but it's grown exponentially.  We stripped wallpaper from the stairwell going down to our finished basement.  Once that was done we had to paint this area (above a chair rail).  Then the paint below looked dingy, so it had to be painted, too (after sanding and priming some spots.  After that was done the ceiling looked dingy, so...   you get the picture.  It's not a big area, but it is along stairs and rather closed in.  I just have a tiny bit of touching up to do and this project will be (thankfully!) done.

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Emily said...

I can't remember if I've seen this before, but it looks GREAT! I love the colors!