Saturday, January 30, 2010

Patches Is Going to Lancaster!

Woot, woot!!!  Just got a letter today saying "Patches" has been juried into the AQS Lancaster Show!  I am excited!

I've been away a few days:  our wireless router has been down and I'm too lazy to go sit on the floor in the exercise room to plug in.  But hubby hooked up a new one today, and I can now connect from my recliner.  I know - the epitome of laziness!

I sewed this morning, but not on a quilt.  I made a curtain which will hang in our laundry room to cover some unsightly (but necessary) ductwork and wires.  The is a strange size:  only 15 inches long, but approximately 20 feet long.  Pictures soon.


Susan said...

Congratulations Julia! I'm planning on going to the Lancaster show...I'm excited that I will be able to see it in person!!!

Chris said...

Fantastic - congratulations!

Pat said...