Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two Week Countdown!

I can hardly believe we're counting down from two weeks!  I'm about to explode with excitement!  In two weeks I can (I didn't say WILL) shop for fabric after my yearlong hiatus.  I figured that when this year came to an end, my stash would be more than ready for for some new additions.  I pictured my fabric drawers being near empty.  I thought I might be snipping at hubby's shirt tails to have fabric for quilting.  BUT NO!  To look at my stash now, you'd never know I'd taken this year off.  The drawers are still full and hubby's shirts are intact.  This is not at all what I expected!

I also thought when I started this journey that I'd be absolutely chomping at the bit to go fabric shopping by now.  But this frugality thing has gotten easier as the months have crept by.  I've learned to make do with what I already own, and often making do turns out better than buying the perfect fabric for a project.

So let the countdown begin!


Lisa A said...

My year ended mid-July. When the bee went on our road trip last week, I bought a few pieces to add to the variety of background greens for my current project. Also found something for the binding. I could see how it would be easy for me to fall back into it, especially if there is a sale. Guess I just have to stay out of the stores!

Wendy said...

What is it going to be first?!?!
How exciting, you must have given it quite some thought? Amazing that your stash hasn't been too damaged!

Martys Fiber Musings said...

My plan for the past couple of years has been to use scraps left from other projects before I go make a purchase. But, I found that my scrap bag seems to be growing. Makes me wonder....where did all this fabric come from??? Did I buy this? Where did I store all this fabric? Who? Me?

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

You've done good, girl.