Saturday, August 22, 2009

4 Day Countdown!

4 DAYS!  I'm giddy with excitement!  Don't forget the giveaway - leave a comment to be entered.  I can't wait until Wednesday's post - I'll be making two big announcements.

1.  What my FIRST purchase in an entire year will be!
2.  My next quilting endeavor/adventure!  I've dropped a hint or two about this already, but I still don't think you'd ever guess.

Now, what is that dark picture above?  When I developed my technique for making portrait quilts several years ago, I realized that a pattern for a quilt portrait could be used in other ways, too.   I made a pattern from a picture of our daughters; then I used carbon paper to transfer it to an artist's canvas.  Now I had a custom paint-by-numbers project.  I used acrylic craft paint to fill in each section.  It seems a bit stark at this point, so I put a black wash over the canvas and then sealed it with a glossy varnish.  Kind of fun.

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