Thursday, June 4, 2009

Needling Around...

I've been wanting a needle case for oh, so long!  I've lusted over friends' handmade beauties.  When I'm on a trip, my needles have no place to travel, so they usually end up lost, dropped, ore hiding with a chair - kind of dangerous!

When I trimmed the Patches quilt before binding it, I had a nice strip of this quilted blue area left.  AHA moment....  use it make the needle case!  The hard part was already done.  I just trimmed it, sewed on some leftover binding (also from the Patches quilt), and stitch in a couple of pieces of wool.  Voila!  My needles are very happy!

Other news:
I just found out yesterday that our Guild's entry to the AQS Ultimate Guild Challenge has been accepted!  Remember the round quilt challenge I coordinated?  So eight quilts from our Guild will be hanging at he AQS Knoxville Show in August.  Yay us!

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Love your needle case. Congrats on the round quilts getting into AQS Challenge.