Friday, June 5, 2009

Button Man

Isn't he just the cutest little guy ever?  I had a bee meeting yesterday, and this is what we did.  Click on the picture to see his little face.  What fun we had!  I have a feeling there are bunches of button men (and girlies) in my future.

I started a new quilt this week, but don't have pictures yet.  It involves my beloved black Kona cotton (the LAST of my stash), Kaffe Fasset scraps, and hand applique.  I'm already loving it, though I've just begun.  Don't you love working on project like that?  I love all my quilts, but some are just so FUN, while others are just CAN'T WAIT TIL IT'S DONE!  This is definitely a FUN one.  I'll show pic's in a couple of weeks when it's further along.

Today is my 200th post!  Wow!  When I started the blog last August, I wondered if I'd find enough to talk about - obviously not a problem.  And less than 3 months to go until I allow myself to buy fabric - YAY!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Button guy is adorable!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Love Button Man. Congrats on your 200th post.

Wendy said...

Very cute little button guy... looking forward to seeing your new quilt - and congrats on your 200th post!

Itaya said...

Awww...he's so cute! Now you have me thinking of all kinds of things to make with MY buttons! :)

Congrats on 200!!