Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wooly Leaf Play

Does this not make you drool? Excuse me while I wipe my mouth....

Last night I cut out all these leaves from yummy hand dyed wool. Sue Spargo is coming to Birmingham in November (!!!) and I got my kit for the class Friday. Yes, there is homework to be done before class. I need to appliqué all these leaves in place before then.

What's that you say? J, don't you have a book deadline on November 15? Aren't you going to Houston Quilt Market in late October? And what about that trip to Knoxville you and your hubby have planned?  Yes, yes, and yes, but it's SUE SPARGO! So I'll stitch down a few leaves per day in the midst of all the other madness going on around here!

I did finished binding a book quilt yesterday. One more done, yay!

Happy Half Birthday to my big lug, Cooper today! Yes, he's 6 months old. And you know what that means? Snip, snip.... I'm calling the vet Monday to get him scheduled for neutering. SHHH!!!! Don't tell him, please...

And another big guy - Charles Barkley. I met him Friday evening at a fundraiser here in Auburn. It was a fun night.

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Melinda said...

I am jealous of your class with Sue Spargo. I have wanted to make the leaf piece for a long time. Have fun.