Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nine Patches!

I've been making a pile of nine patches. What are you making???

I'm designing a quilt border and thought the nine patches would be the perfect addition. WRONG! I laid them out around the center of the quilt and they didn't work AT ALL! Ever had that happen? After staring at the quilt for about 15 minutes I decided the nine patches don't work because they overpower the quilt. I think a strip of small squares would look great though.

Know what that means? I'll be unsewing these blocks tonight to make strips of three squares each, ready to sew end to end for the border. Oh well...a little unsewing never hurt anyone.

Football season is in full swing here. We love going to the games and last night was no exception. Luckily it wasn't quite as humid last night as it had been the previous Saturday night. I love that I can spend all day sewing (which I did!) and still go to a college game in the evening.

Not much else is new around here. Cooper is continuing to GROW! I need to post a new picture of him soon. He's a sweetie though. and we really have fun with him. At this moment he is destroying a cardboard shoe box that I gave him. He adores cardboard...

I'll be up and at 'em VERY early Monday morning. Peggy and I are speaking at the Birmingham Quilt Guild's meeting in the morning. Can't wait to see my Birmingham friends!

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