Monday, September 16, 2013

College Town Life

When you live in a college town (especially in the South) Fall revolves around FOOTBALL! Here's a dusk shot from Saturday night's game. We had a blast! We walked around campus all afternoon with our out of town friends and Daughter 1. We even got to see Daughter 2 for a bit.

Here I am with the daughters. They both have had a lot going on. Daughter 2 (on the left) was awarded a scholarship to help with her second year of Pharmacy School. Daughter 1 (in the middle) started a new Software Engineering job today. It fell in her lap and she couldn't pass it up. Go Girls! So proud of you both!!!!!

Here's the scene out my kitchen window. Yes, that a Porta-Potty. What a view I'll have while this house is built. We met the couple who are building this house over the weekend. Turns out hubby and the guy work for the same company and have known each other for decades. What a coincidence! They are lovely people and the wife even sews. Can't wait for them to move in....

I'm running around in circles here getting ready for my Quilting Arts TV segment. Go here to see some of my preparations!

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