Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flimsy Finishing

Hubby and I took the dogs for a nice walk over the weekend. We usually don't take Oliver along, but we took pity on him this time. He loved it, but we discovered that his hip issues are getting worse. He dragged one of his rear feet the entire time. Poor thing! He probably won't be going on any more walks. He's also been battling a rash - he's on his second round of medications for that. It's not easy getting old.
Here's another outstanding quilt from the Georgia show.
And here are the details. WOW!

Today I will be finishing the quilt top I've been working on diligently. Yay! Don't you love how the Aussies call a quilt top a "flimsy?" I think I'll start using that name.

Anyway, yes, this a quilt for the upcoming book. I'll be so glad to finish the top. Still have to quilt it. Still have to write the instructions. Peggy and I have LOTS to do before our May deadline. We had completed two of the projects for the book before we sent in our book proposal, but based on comments from the publisher, we now want to remake them in different colors so they will pop off the pages of the book better.

I'm taking my parents to the doctor today for flu shots and check ups. They wanted to go in October, and my month is already looking very busy indeed, so I figured I'd better go ahead and get their shots out of the way.

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