Monday, June 27, 2011

Old Friends and Rainbows

Saturday I drove up to Cullman and met some of my high school friends for lunch. We are 33 years out from our graduation. Hard to believe! We all reconnected last year via Facebook, and are trying to get together at least yearly. We had a 3 hour lunch! Mostly talking and catching up with a bit of eating thrown in for good measure. We graduated from Decatur High School in north Alabama, but Cullman was a central location for us meet up now that we're scattered. A fun day!
I got home just before a big storm. We're in a weather mode of having daily afternoon showers, though they've been storms rather than showers.
When it was over, we were gifted with a beautiful rainbow in our back yard. Sunday we had another afternoon storm which knocked our our electricity for 14 hours. Hubby and I made the best of it - a late afternoon walk. and wine, cheese, and crackers on the deck for dinner. Then we watched the first episode of Dexter on my computer (hubby got the first two seasons on DVD for Father's Day). Do any of you watch Dexter? Our daughters recommended it. It scared us out of our wits! Maybe not a good idea for an evening with no lights!

The power came back on this morning. As I write this, another afternoon storm seems to be approaching. Keep you fingers crossed we keep our electricity tonight!

I finished the nine patch quilt top this weekend. Quilting will begin tomorrow.

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