Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The BEST Email Ever!

Hi Julia,

I hope you do not mind me writing to you. I am an English woman, living in Bangkok. Last year I managed to
get a copy of your book Fabric Photo Play on a trip back to the UK. This year I finally cleared the decks enough to
have a go.

I have two friends who are leaving Thailand and I couldn't think of a better present to give them than a photo quilt.

Your technique is really easy. I was really surprised to see how one could actually make out a persons image
from just two colours. Being a bit of a 'jump in with both feet' quilter, I used 5 values on each quilt and made them
simultaneously! Truth to tell, the hardest part of the process was finding 5 values in my stash (we don't really have
much choice in fabric here).

The first picture was based on one of my friend Janice's favourite photos. It is a soft focus photo, which I notice
gives a more blurred quilt. The second quilt is based on a picture taken using a pop art setting on the camera.
This gave really clear results.

You can probably see that I also quilted them to death, which I suppose is my signature. I tried to match the thread value
to the fabric value, again a bit of a feat given difficulties with supplies, but I think it was worth it.

They are going to receive their quilts at a goodbye lunch on thursday. I am sure they will both be thrilled.

Thank you so much for bringing this new technique to me.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos.

Kim Davis
As a quilt author, I rarely get to see the results of my book - only if I'm teaching a class. So this e-mail was such a blessing to me! And didn't Kim do a fabulous job!
Here's the photo she worked from. I'll share photos of her other portrait quilt tomorrow.

Is this a technique you'd like to learn? I'm getting back on the national teaching circuit! I'd love to come to your Guild or small group!

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