Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Fabric and a Hot Bam Balloon

Friday fabric and WHAT??? This morning hubby and I had a glimpse of a hot air balloon drifting over our area. Click on the photo a couple of times to see it better. When our kids were little, we took them to a hot air balloon festival every Memorial Day weekend in north Alabama. Daughter 2 was new to the entire talking thing and called them "hot bam balloons."
Here's a project I've been working on lately. You may recognize some of my Denise Schmidt fabrics. So far, I've made 20 of these blocks.
Here's some of the loot I purchased from vendors at the Birmingham Quilters Guild Quiltfest last weekend. Again, click on the picture to get a better look. Can't wait to cut into these lovelies, though I think I'll just ogle them and drool over them for a bit!

Parent Update:
I haven't mentioned my parents here lately, but they are hanging in there. My mother continues to care for my father at home in their apartment. He falls frequently, but has had no injuries from the falls - just bruises. She rarely goes out, afraid to leave him alone. But yesterday she asked to go to Penney's and Walmart. I took her both places so she could get what she needed. I think it was good for her - it seemed to perk her up.

An opinion:
Excuse me while I get on my soapbox for a moment. I read a quilting blog today that said the reason we blog is for feedback. (This blogger has decided to end her blog because she has decided she doesn't want any feedback.)

I beg to differ. I do NOT blog for feedback. If I did, I would have stopped blogging long ago. My blog doesn't get lots of comments. And that's fine with me!

I blog because:
1. I like to write, and this allows me to be "published" instantly.

2. I like to document my quilts and my process - what better way is there?

3. I like to connect with other people. Quilting can sometimes be lonely, working away at a project by myself in my studio. Blogging gives me a connection with others.

4. Every so often, someone comes up to me and says, "I read your blog every day. I so enjoy it." That makes it all worthwhile.

Stepping off soapbox now. Back in chair with dachshunds.


Dora, the Quilter said...

I agree with your comments regarding blogging. Pretty much the same for me. The one thing I'd add is that it helps me think and be a more positive person. Focusing on gratitude is a blessing to ourselves and others.

Carrie said...

I feel the same about blogging. Its fun to go back through my blog and remember family events and quilts. I look at a lot of blogs but don't comment on each one....too busy looking at the fun quilts to stop and comment on every post.

fiberchick said...

Hope you never stop blogging because I am one of the people who read yours every day and enjoy it very much!

Janet said...

Ditto for me - heck if I wrote for the recognition I'd have given up long ago.