Monday, April 12, 2010

Took a Long Break...

Poor, pitiful, neglected blog!  I've been away too long, I know.  But I'm back!  I'll try to summarize what's been going on around here for the past couple of weeks.

If I remember correctly, last time I wrote I promised a photo of the charity quilt I was working on for Daughter 2's sorority.  This is for a sick boy they are supporting through the Make A Wish program.  I forgot to take a picture of the entire quilt, but you get the idea.

Hubby turned 50 last week!  And he doesn't look a day over 35.  He actually had three cakes.  This one is a carrot cake from Publix - his favorite cake!  (Yes, I cheated and bought him a cake  -I knew I couldn't make one this good.  His mother made him a coconut cake, and his office got him a yummy cake from Olexa's.
Here he is with the present I gave him - a new golf bag and a set of irons.  Of course, I couldn't pick out golf clubs for him any better than he could pick out a sewing machine for me.  So I gave him an I.O.U. and he shopped for them himself.
This is what we've been doing for the last several days.  We've been cleaning out our attic!  I rented a storage unit last week and we took FOUR trailer load of stuff to it.  The load pictured above is one we donated to the local thrift store.  Plus we took another load to give to my FIL who knows a needy family.  All in all we moved 2 sets of mattresses, 4 beds, several tables, 10 chairs, and piles of other stuff.  The storage unit is primarily for furniture and other items which are earmarked for our girls, once they have places of their own.  These are things we hate to move to a new house.  When we move them home from college in the next month, we can put all their dorm stuff there, too.

On the house subject, we had another Open House yesterday.  No offers yet, but we are patient.
And yes, I've made time to sew.  I've been asked to make a sample or two for a company to display in their booth at various markets.  More on this to come...

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