Thursday, May 28, 2009

Patches Questions Answered

I'm struggling here - I can't get a photo to upload for this post!!!  I've been trying for a few days now.  Oh well, forgive the lack of a photo!

Someone had asked how big the Patches quilt is.  I wanted to post a photo of me standing in front of the quilt so you could see for yourself.  Let's just put it this way - his head on the quilt is much bigger than mine - my head could probably fit in his mouth, but let's not give him any ideas.  The quilt is about 47 inches across by about 35 inches tall.  Give or take.  I have measured it, but the exact numbers fail me at the moment.

What machine did I use and is it stitch regulated?  The entire quilt top was hand appliqued, except for a bit of machine felting I added at the end, felting some yarn pieces here and there to add some dimension.  I quilted it on my Brother 1500S domestic machine.  It's not a long arm and it's not stitch regulated.  As with anything, machine quilting takes lots of practice.  I really took my time with quilting "Patches," and I'm pleased with the results.  It's by no means perfect, but I'm satisfied.  Stitch regulation is always a challenge when free motion quilting on a non-regulated machine.  I'm finding I have better luck when I slow down my speed.  I used to quilt everything at top speed, thinking that was the way to go.  But the faster the speed, the less control I have.  So I'm trying to slow the speed down, thus gaining more control and accuracy.

I'm trying to take the same approach to life lately.  I've always been a rusher - rush to make the bed, rush to empty the dishwasher, rush to chop an onion.  But in my ongoing battle against stress,  I'm finding that slowing everything down helps calm me and thus give me more control.

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Martys Fiber Musings said...

Don't worry Julia....we'll see Patches when the time is right!!