Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ugly Fabric and Leo

Pile of UGLY fabric. One thing I love about quilting is that I can take ugly fabric and turn it into a beautiful quilt. I picked up a kit at our quilt guild meeting last week - a bag of precut fabric and a pattern, ready to make a charity quilt. How convenient! And no deadline! I started working on blocks this week and I'm loving it! I'll share my progress soon.

And here's one more Painterly Little Art Quilt I'm working on for a class sample. Here is Leo. It doesn't look like much now, but once I add the perle cotton stitching, it will come to life. I'm actually planning on quilting and doing the perle cotton embroider to half of it for now to show what a different those final touches make.

As I shared, Leo has been living with us in an upstairs bedroom (away from dogs!) this summer while Daughter 2 has been doing a summer Pharmacy internship at Mayo in Rochester, Minnesota. He has been so easy and a joy to host. BUT, Daughter 2 is finishing up her work and coming home this weekend - YAY! So Leo will be moving back to the condo to live with her again - I know they'll be happy to be back together again! Can't wait to have her back in town!

And Daughter 1 and SIL are busy as bees - officially house hunting here in Auburn. YAY! So excited for them! And so happy they'll be settling down not far from us!

So what else is new? Let's see…

Cooper has been bad again. :( I'm now taking him on three little walks per day to try to tire him out so he won't be as inclined to destroy my belongings.

I ate THE MOST DELICIOUS cake this week. I'll be making it this weekend - I'll share the recipe, I promise!

The hummingbirds are going crazy this summer - I have to fill the feeder with nectar at least weekly.

We are counting down to football season! I'm going to buy a couple of those cooling towels to use during the first few HOT games. Can't wait!

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ljeanne said...

Both of my daughters and their husbands graduated from Auburn. They still call it the promised land.

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