Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Little Work and a Little Play

Today I designed 3 little quilts - these will be class samples for my Chattanooga classes. I hope to finish all three this week - we'll just see if I can do it! I was holding a picture up to the dining room window to trace it (yup, too lazy to go upstairs to get my light box.) Look who came to visit on the outside of the window! What a cutie with a bright blue chest!

And a little bit of play - I'm working on this cute pillow kit I bought in Chicago. I've appliqued all the leaves in place - now I'm ready to work on the flowers.

Hubby brought home a dozen farm fresh eggs a few days ago - yum, YUM! Aren't they gorgeous!

I had a wonderful birthday Friday. We watch Tim's Vermeer that night - a movie I've been wanting to see. It's a documentary produced by Penn and Teller about Tim Jenison's multi year journey to recreate a Vermeer oil painting. Very interesting! Tim's wife is Leslie Jenison, an art quilter. I highly recommend seeing it. We checked it out through iTunes.

By the way, an anonymous reader asked about my Chattanooga classes and if they are open to the public. YES! All the information is HERE!

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O'Quilts said...

Nice post...frog, eggs and I have never ever seen a frog with a blue chest.