Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Binding Drawer

I have a drawer in my studio where I throw (literally!) pieces of binding leftover from completed quilts. I was so lucky that I found enough binding in here to bind one of my book quilts.

Today I add that long batik piece on the left. It's leftover from another book quilt - and it's long enough to bind something big! I'll have to remember that it's there.

Do you have a binding drawer? What do you do with leftover binding? Or do you always make just enough for a project?

All is well here. Today I made the photo step-outs for another quilt. I'm so excited to be almost done! Now I think I'll sit down and stitch down some wool leaves for my Sue Spargo class. Ahh, relaxation...
On the menu tonight: hotdogs! Fast and simple!

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Sandy said...

I do have a binding drawer! No matter how carefully I do the math, I always have binding left over - sometimes a lot! I am planning to use it to bind a really scrappy quilt one of these days.