Monday, October 14, 2013

Busy, Busy, BUSY!!!

Here I am sewing the binding on the LAST quilt! Yippee! I'm still working on hand stitching the binding. And I still have to write instructions for 2 quilts.

Here's a little sneaky peaky of said quilt - don't you love the quilting? Done by Elayne Vognild before she retired.

My side table is piling up - everything I need for hand quilting, making hexies, stitching binding...and a Coke Zero for fortification! Oh- and my iPad is handy for a bit of Candy Crush Saga intermission every now and again!

Mr. Cooper got neutered this week. He looks pitiful here, but he's absolutely FINE! Can't keep him down! He will get his sutures out later this week.

And here's my Where's Waldo moment of the day. Can you find Prince? He's in there somewhere! Haha!

I had a rough week in more ways than one. Friday morning while on my walk with Cooper I stepped in a low spot and tripped over a curb. I did a knee skinner in the middle of the street. OWIE! Skinned knee, skinned leg, skinned hand - and skinned ego! I'm fine, none the worse for wear thank goodness.

Then Saturday, I guess I didn't hydrate enough before the football game. I got overheated and left at the end of the first quarter. I will not make that mistake again!

Okay, better get up out of my recliner and get to work. Here's to a productive day!!!

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