Sunday, November 8, 2009

Football, Foliage, and Fun

Who'd have thunk it?  Our daughters' schools played each other in football yesterday!  The last time they played each other was in 1956, so it was a rare occurrence.  Hubby had a pass on the Furman sideline, so he wore purple.  Daughter 1 and her fiance wore their orange and blue and sat on the Auburn side.  Daughter 2 drove down with five Furman friends for the game.  As for me, I didn't even go to the game.  I waited at the in-law's lake house (which we took over for the weekend) for the gang to converge after the game.

But did I idly sit by?  No, I had a fun day all by myself working on a little tree.  My art group has a new challenge.  We're each making two tree blocks depicting different seasons.  Then will cut each block into four pieces, swap them, and reassemble so that each tree has four seasons.  We all have this tree sketch to use a rough guide, so our trees will be similar in size.
I drew out a stylized version on some white muslin and painted it with some textile paints.

So I came home from the lake today with my summer block done!

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