Friday, August 29, 2008

Storage Tip for Small Items

Since I've been quilting, I've become somewhat of a hoarder.  You know the feeling... you see something cool and you think, "I might be able to use that in a quilt."  It might be an old piece of jewelry, a bottle cap, a sea shell, get the idea.  It would defeat the purpose to go out and buy a storage container for all these "doodads."  So here's my solution.

I started saving the plastic containers that our coffee comes in.  I buy coffee at Costco, so the containers are roomy.  I keep on hand a can of black spray paint that works on any surface, including plastic.  Once sprayed, I have a sleek, round bin with a snap-on lid.  A white paint marker could be used to label it, or just stick on an adhesive label. 

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